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I am a HUGE advocate of custom suiting for men. I have been for visits at these bespoke shops and I am jealous. Might be the only time I wish I were a man! Each one offers personalized attention to create a look that “suits” any personality, style or budget. My local fav bespoke boy shops in Toronto: GreenShag, Marlon Durrant and Fifth on King. Each one is different and fabulous. Here is a new find I stumbled upon for the boys…MODASUITE.

The Experience | Modasuite gives men the opportunity to benefit from the made-to-measure experience from the comfort of their own home in 5 easy steps. Do I see a chance for a male-bonding experience ideal for a groom and his men…organize a “Suit-In Party”!! Serve some drinks, watch some sports and create your own suits with the boys. (A great alternative to those who squirm at the traditional shopping experience.)

What better time to spoil yourself on a custom suit then for your wedding?

The reality is that women spend on average upwards of $3000+++ for that designer, unique, special gown that they only get to wear ONE TIME!!! Don’t mistake that for disappointment, we wouldn’t trade the wedding gown experience for anything. The point I am making is custom suits begin at $500 and you can wear it over and over and over again…long after the wedding. See the value boys???

So have a little fun and check out this easy-to-use online site or visit your local bespoke shop to find out what you are missing…I guarantee you will not be disappointed in your custom suiting experience!

MODASUITE isĀ ON TOUR and have a pop-up boutique at 99 Sudbury Studio October 22-23-24 so book an appointment or stop on by boys!!!

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