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“Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in your shoe.”
(19th century rhyme)

Let’s talk about “something blue”…the colour of the heavenly realm which links the bride with all things spiritual. In the Christian tradition, it is the colour associated with the Virgin Mary’s robes…so to wear  a little blue annexes to each bride the virtues of the holy mother: fidelity, devotion and unquestioning faith. Blue also dates back to ancient Isreal, when God commanded people to weave blue thread into the fringes of their clothing as a constant reminder to heed his commandments…for this reason, we notice blue threads on the Jewish tallit (prayer shawl). The tradition of blue is one of spirituality.

Here are a few fun ways to add blue without the pervasive blue garter!

And who says you can’t add a splash of blue to your man too…

Photography courtesy of | Amelie Lyons, Rebecca Wood Photography, Braedon Photography, Dixie Pixel Photography & Edyta Szyszlo

Reference | Brides Companion by Susannah Marriott


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