Love Melissa Sweet gowns – check out Pearl Bridal House this weekend for a 2-day Trunk Show event.

Happy Shopping!!

I am a HUGE advocate of custom suiting for men. I have been for visits at these bespoke shops and I am jealous. Might be the only time I wish I were a man! Each one offers personalized attention to create a look that “suits” any personality, style or budget. My local fav bespoke boy shops in Toronto: GreenShag, Marlon Durrant and Fifth on King. Each one is different and fabulous. Here is a new find I stumbled upon for the boys…MODASUITE.

The Experience | Modasuite gives men the opportunity to benefit from the made-to-measure experience from the comfort of their own home in 5 easy steps. Do I see a chance for a male-bonding experience ideal for a groom and his men…organize a “Suit-In Party”!! Serve some drinks, watch some sports and create your own suits with the boys. (A great alternative to those who squirm at the traditional shopping experience.)

What better time to spoil yourself on a custom suit then for your wedding?

The reality is that women spend on average upwards of $3000+++ for that designer, unique, special gown that they only get to wear ONE TIME!!! Don’t mistake that for disappointment, we wouldn’t trade the wedding gown experience for anything. The point I am making is custom suits begin at $500 and you can wear it over and over and over again…long after the wedding. See the value boys???

So have a little fun and check out this easy-to-use online site or visit your local bespoke shop to find out what you are missing…I guarantee you will not be disappointed in your custom suiting experience!

MODASUITE is ON TOUR and have a pop-up boutique at 99 Sudbury Studio October 22-23-24 so book an appointment or stop on by boys!!!


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Looking to try some dresses this weekend – look no further than Veronica Di Santo Atelier. This Friday, October 22nd and Saturday, October 23rd, VDSA presents Watters & Watters Bridal, Watters Bridesmaids, Wtoo Bridesmaids Fall Collections.

Company Profile| Watters

– Started by Vatana Watters 20 years ago

– Various silhouettes to fit different body types

– Knee, cocktail and floor length hem lines

– Simple, clean lines, glamourous, graceful…

For more styles, check out: WATTERS (they have a fun colour picker so you can change the colour of the dresses)

To make an appointment for the Watters & Watters Trunk Show, contact: Veronica Di Santo Atelier

Something Blue

“Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in your shoe.”
(19th century rhyme)

Let’s talk about “something blue”…the colour of the heavenly realm which links the bride with all things spiritual. In the Christian tradition, it is the colour associated with the Virgin Mary’s robes…so to wear  a little blue annexes to each bride the virtues of the holy mother: fidelity, devotion and unquestioning faith. Blue also dates back to ancient Isreal, when God commanded people to weave blue thread into the fringes of their clothing as a constant reminder to heed his commandments…for this reason, we notice blue threads on the Jewish tallit (prayer shawl). The tradition of blue is one of spirituality.

Here are a few fun ways to add blue without the pervasive blue garter!

And who says you can’t add a splash of blue to your man too…

Photography courtesy of | Amelie Lyons, Rebecca Wood Photography, Braedon Photography, Dixie Pixel Photography & Edyta Szyszlo

Reference | Brides Companion by Susannah Marriott

When it comes to entertainment, I have learned from experience that there are a few things you need to consider:

– know your guests
– know your atmosphere
– create a good flow

While working in retail, I learned that sometimes it is not about buying what you like but what your customers like and want. The same theory applies to an event. You and your fiance may be into salsa or hip hop but consider your guests – do they like that style of music? Will they appreciate a mariachi band and flamenco dancers?

Ask yourselves the following questions prior to booking your musical entertainment:

– what is the average age of guests at the wedding?
– do our guests enjoy new things? or are they a traditional bunch?
– do our guests like to dance? or is music simply background for a more lounge-oriented crowd?
– are we planning a themed event?

Your answers to these questions will help you determine the right type of entertainment for your event. Remember that if guests don’t like the style of music you have selected – it may be an issue to get them on the dance floor.

Here are a few options to consider:

DJ | the popular and most versatile choice for a wedding. Having a great DJ that can read the crowd and play music to get people our of their seats and on the dance floor is a must-have for a great party. A few local DJ heroes: Prodigy Entertainment, Hello DJ, Sounds of Distinction, Enjoi DJ Outfit, Third From The Sun

Live Band | (one of my favourite choices) – if you like live music, nothing beats this choice for entertainment. A great alternative to a DJ – when selecting a band be sure they have some versatility and can play a range of musical styles. Single-genre bands are great for themed events but it might be hard to get grandma dancing to an only-80s style band. A few local crews that will get your crowd dancing: Graham Howes Band, Shugga, Grooveyard, Snooky Tynes Family Band

Harpist/Mariachi Band/Jazz Pianist | a great choice for cocktail hour. Want to offer guests a variety of musical styles, choose a classic mood or liven-it up with some Latin music while guests mingle and enjoy cocktails prior to the reception. Local good guys and gals: Sandra Fann, Carlo Coppola, Sara Dell

Closing Tip | If you want your guests dancing…you have to get on the dance floor! After all, the wedding celebration is all about the couple so if you are dancing then your guests will be too!

Photography courtesy of | Segerius-Bruce Photography, Amelia Lyon & Jen Arron Photography

Looking for a cultural outing tonight…come and check out Tina Berning’s works at Alison Milne Gallery. I know I am looking forward to seeing this awesome collection.