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I just love this moment – a happy bride – looking out at her guests, celebrating love and having a great time – beautiful!!

Photo by Jaquilyn Shumate Photography

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Photo courtesy of A Simple Photo

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Photography and art enthusiasts, Alison Milne Design Studio is hosting the photographic works of Anthea Baxter-Page. Her exhibit – INDIA: Life and Lens opens Thursday, April 22nd, 2010.

The exhibition continues through to May 23rd, 2010. Viewing is by appointment Monday thru Friday and from 12-6 pm Saturdays and Sundays.

For more information please visit ANTHEA BAXTER-PAGE

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The Smilebooth is:

  • a fresh, new rendition of the classic, old school photobooth.
  • a dummy-proof way to get professional photos from your event – NO PHOTOGRAPHER needed!
  • a mini photography studio that inspires creative, silly, fabulous-looking photographs.
  • an exciting addition for any memorable event, party, wedding reception…

This self-functioning booth takes the guesswork out of producing professional photos of your event. It’s an effortless process for documenting events in an atmosphere that encourages a hot mess of fun and spontaneity.

Mango Studios launched the SMILEBOOTH in Canada last week and I attended the event with my friends from The Wedding Co. Below are a few images of us having some good ol’ Canadian-viking-cowboy fun!

I am a huge advocate of photobooths for weddings and events. This one, although not traditional, is a fantastic alternative for those daring to add a bit of fun to their next party. The brilliant part about this booth is the versatility of the backdrops. Amy, a prop stylist with Mango Studios, has designed and can design backdrops to suit your event, style, mood, etc. The possibilities for fun are endless!

Visit Mango Studios for more info on the SMILEBOOTH.

Want to try out the smilebooth? – Visit The Spring Wedding Show at The Drake Hotel on Saturday, May 1st, 2010

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One of my new favourite blogs to follow is Ruffled – they focus on modern vintage wedding inspirations and ideas. It is a beautiful blog with great photos and DIY projects. Here is one I just had to re-post about because I L-O-V-E photobooths and this DIY photobooth project is so sweet.

Here is the photo – click on RUFFLED for instructions and materials.

This project was also a great way for Laura, the bride, to get her fiance involved in a wedding project!

Photo courtesy of Ruffled.

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“We are born to love.”
— Helen Fisher

Image by Stephanie Gareri

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“In the end nothing we do or say in this lifetime will matter as much as the way we have loved one another.”

—  Daphne Rose Kingma

Image by Stephanie Gareri

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The closest moment to a wedding day I have personally experienced was the opening exhibition of our Gagliato book launch. After spending the day preparing the decor for the room and setting up the incredible, rustic food and dessert display – I barely had 30 minutes for a quick blow-dry before it was show time! The anticipation was electric and as guests began to arrive, my nerves set in. Our work was on display and exposed for everyone to view – what would they think?

The night was magical and went by too quickly. As mentioned previously, like a wedding day, the thrill came and went and I personally went through the emotions of how fast a moment can end. It was so wonderful to look into the room and see our family and friends enjoying our photographs and sharing stories of this small town in Southern Italy. The emotion in the room was indescribable – so many of the guests who were born or whose parents were born in Gagliato had the opportunity to relive their childhood stories and memories – tears, laughter, joy – it was such an incredible evening.

We enjoyed every minute of it and I wish I could have made it last longer – unlike a wedding, our photo exhibition has the potential to go on tour so reliving some of the glory is possible for us but the feeling of this special evening is unique and the pride I felt about my culture and roots in that moment is something I will always cherish.

On another note, public speaking was never my forte and I am disappointed I did not take 5 minutes to make a short speech – so in light of my negligence, if I had the opportunity here is what I would have liked to say: “Looking around this room at our family and friends leaves me speechless. Thank you for coming out to see the exhibition and support our book. I would like to especially thank my mother and nonna who spent days making all the wonderful desserts you are enjoying this evening. The past year has been one of challenge, excitement, learning and growth – all of which was made possible by my father’s dream for us to take our love of photography  to create a collection of our roots which we could share with our family, friends and community. Gagliato is an incredible place and one I hope to visit again in the near future. It is the essence of my spirit – a place where the roots of my family are grounded – a place of tradition and value. This project was a journey and required dedication, drive and commitment – important values I have learned from my father. He made this happen and he pushed me to explore my creativity and passion for photography. I thank him for this unique opportunity and look forward to our sequel! Thank you!”

Photographs courtesy of Mort Finkelstein

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I thought I would post about my experience hosting and organizing an art exhibition. This was an exciting and anxious moment for my father and I as we prepared to launch our first book, Gagliato and photo exhibition to show our friends and family what we had been diligently working on for the past year. My father and I installed the entire show at The Joseph D. Carrier Gallery with the help of my cousin, Frankie (pictured below after we finished) and the gallery curator, Rosa Graci.

It was an awesome experience to select which photograph looked best placed in a certain position. Developing the flow and sequence of the photographs was surprisingly simple for us after editing an entire book – we only debated a few placements!

Rosa and the JDC Gallery staff did an excellent job catering to our requests as we prepared the space for the reveal of Gagliato.

Here are a few images of the installation process:

The final touch, which is featured in The Opening Exhibition | Part 2 – a vinyl decal of our logo which provided a modern and clean entrance into the exhibition.

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Junebug Weddings, a team of authors, experts & photographers from Southern California and Pacific Northwest have created a beautiful slideshow highlighting 52 images of the world’s best wedding photography from 2009. This group of talented photographers have captured moments that are intimate and inspiring…

Here are a few of my favourite shots:

Which ones inspire you?

To view the entire slideshow, visit: the BEST from the Best 2009

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