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January is definitely wedding month! In Toronto, there have been wedding shows and expos every weekend so far and they continue until the end of the month. I will be at The Wedding Show at The Carlu this weekend working with The Wedding Co. team.

Whether you are newly engaged, just started your planning or only have a few small details to go – this show is for you! Here are a few tips on getting the most out of your experience at a wedding show.

  • Be prepared – grab a notepad and pen so you can jot down ideas or thoughts as you see them
  • Plan ahead – make a list of vendors you expect to meet
  • Keep it simple – like shopping it’s a great experience on your own or with a trusted partner whose opinion you value
  • Chat it up – start a dialogue with vendors, ask questions and get a sense of their personality to see if this is someone you can work with throughout the next few months of planning
  • Keepsake pouch – grab a 5 x 7 envelope to place the business cards of vendors you had a great experience with and want to follow up with after the show

Here is a sample of what Scott and I are taking on our walk through The Wedding Show:

Wedding Show images courtesy of The Wedding Co.

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Question | Which set of parents makes the first move to call the other once a couple has become engaged?

Traditional  | Once the couple has told their respective parents of their engagement, the groom’s parents call the bride’s family to express happiness about the engagement and arrange a meeting to celebrate.

Modern | It truly doesn’t matter who makes the call, but it’s a good idea for the parents of the bride to give the groom’s family the opportunity to honour the tradition. But if they don’t, then the bride’s parents should go ahead and call. It’s most important for parents to make contact and act with the spirit of friendship in mind.

*Answer courtesy of: do I have to wear white? (Anna Post)

*Photo credit: Emily McCall

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Do I Have To Wear White?


I recently purchased a copy of Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter’s book, “do I have to wear white? Anna Post addresses etiquette questions for the modern couple. I will share some answers of a few of the most commonly asked questions I receive from couples.

Etiquette and tradition always play a major role in the planning of a wedding. There are unlimited resources available to couples interested in “planning by the rules” but I always stress that a wedding is about the joining of family, the act of marriage, the symbol of love and celebration. You spend ample time, effort and emotion during the planning. You owe it to yourself to venture beyond the expected and make your event a moment to be cherished, enjoyed and remembered.

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